Aladdin’s is a vegetarian restaurant located in the bustling city of Chicago, Illinois. Situated at the address 614 W Diversey Pkwy, the restaurant offers a unique dining experience that caters to the needs of vegetarian and health-conscious eaters. The restaurant’s interior is decorated with intricate Arabic designs that give it a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
At Aladdin’s, you can expect to find a diverse menu of vegetarian dishes that are both delicious and healthy. The restaurant’s chefs use only the freshest ingredients to prepare their meals, ensuring that every dish is bursting with flavor. Some of the most popular dishes on the menu include falafel wraps, hummus platters, and lentil soup.
In addition to their delicious food, Aladdin’s also offers excellent customer service. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they are always happy to help you choose a dish that suits your tastes and dietary needs. The restaurant also offers a range of payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and mobile payments.
If you’re looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Chicago, Aladdin’s is definitely worth a visit. With its delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, and excellent service, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a healthy and satisfying meal.

Contact information:

  • Phone: (773) 598-4195
  • Address: Illinois, Chicago, Chicago 614 W Diversey Pkwy, IL 60614
  • Regular hours: Mon – Thu: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm, Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm, Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
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Your nearest destination for fresh vegetarian delights in Chicago

Aladdin’s Eatery is a vegetarian restaurant located in the bustling city of Chicago. Founded in 1994, this full-service restaurant offers a diverse menu that caters to all taste buds. Their menu includes a variety of salads, sandwiches, burgers, platters, rolled pitas with salsa, spicy kafta roll, Aladdin’s lamb roll, and Kibbie plate.
In addition to their mouth-watering food, Aladdin’s Eatery also offers a wide selection of juices and beverages. Their freshly squeezed natural juices, carrot smoothie, blended milk smoothies, blueberry delight, raspberry sunshine, tropical storm smoothie, and tea and coffee are sure to quench your thirst. For those who enjoy a drink with their meal, Aladdin’s Eatery also offers beer and wine, including various domestic and imported brands, such as Anchor Steam, Budweiser, Bud Light, Great Lakes Dortmunder, Gold Almaza, Bass Ale, and Corona.
If you have a sweet tooth, Aladdin’s Eatery has got you covered. Their dessert menu offers a range of delicious options, including triple chocolate, signature, double fudge, coconut cream, chocoholic, and peanut butter bomb. They also offer cheesecakes in different varieties, including plain, strawberry, raspberry, and snickers.
For families with young children, Aladdin’s Eatery has a kids’ menu that includes drinks such as milk, soda pop, chocolate milk, and hot chocolate blended milk.
With headquarters in Lakewood, Ohio, Aladdin’s Eatery is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking for a delicious vegetarian meal in Chicago. Services or products: Vegetarian food, juices, beer, wine, desserts, kids’ menu. Categories: Restaurant, Vegetarian cuisine, Juice bar, Dessert shop.

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Aladdin’s is a top-rated vegetarian restaurant located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. If you’re looking for vegan food near you, this is the perfect place to visit. The restaurant is situated at 614 W Diversey Pkwy, IL 60614, making it easily accessible for locals and tourists alike. Aladdin’s offers a wide range of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes, including falafel wraps, hummus bowls, and vegan burgers. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create healthy and flavorful meals. Whether you’re a vegan or simply looking for veg restaurants near you, Aladdin’s is a must-visit destination. The friendly staff and cozy atmosphere make it the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family. So, if you’re searching for a vegan restaurant in Chicago, look no further than Aladdin’s!

Why you should visit a vegetarian restaurant Aladdin’s

1. Healthy and nutritious food options – Aladdin’s vegetarian restaurant offers a variety of healthy and nutritious food options that are not only delicious but also good for your health.

2. Wide range of vegetarian options – Whether you are a vegetarian or just looking for a meat-free meal, Aladdin’s vegetarian restaurant has a wide range of vegetarian options that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

3. Fresh and locally sourced ingredients – Aladdin’s vegetarian restaurant uses only the freshest and locally sourced ingredients to ensure that every dish is of the highest quality.

4. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere – Aladdin’s vegetarian restaurant has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.

5. Great for vegans – If you are a vegan, Aladdin’s vegetarian restaurant has a variety of vegan options that are sure to please.

6. Catering services – Aladdin’s vegetarian restaurant offers catering services for events and parties, making it the perfect choice for your next gathering.

7. Affordable prices – Aladdin’s vegetarian restaurant offers affordable prices, making it accessible to everyone.

8. Convenient location – Aladdin’s vegetarian restaurant is conveniently located in the heart of Chicago, making it easy to access from anywhere in the city.

9. Exceptional customer service – Aladdin’s vegetarian restaurant has exceptional customer service, ensuring that every customer is treated with the utmost respect and care.

10. Unique and flavorful dishes – Aladdin’s vegetarian restaurant offers unique and flavorful dishes that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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