Cafe Aroma is a cozy vegetarian restaurant located in the picturesque town of Idyllwild, just a short drive from Palm Springs in California. The restaurant can be found at 54750 N Circle Dr and can be contacted by phone at (951) 659-5212.
The restaurant prides itself on serving delicious and healthy vegetarian cuisine, made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The menu features a wide range of dishes, from hearty soups and salads to flavorful entrees and desserts. There are plenty of vegan and gluten-free options available, ensuring that everyone can find something to suit their dietary needs.
The atmosphere at Cafe Aroma is warm and welcoming, with friendly staff and a relaxed vibe. The decor is simple and rustic, with wooden tables and chairs, and soft lighting creating a cozy ambiance. The restaurant is perfect for a romantic dinner for two or a casual meal with friends and family.
Cafe Aroma is open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday, with regular working hours of Tue – Thu: 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Fri – Sat: 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm, and Sun: 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm. The restaurant accepts various payment methods, including Amex, Cash, Discover, Master Card, and Visa.
Overall, Cafe Aroma is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for delicious vegetarian cuisine in a charming setting.

Contact information:

  • Phone: (951) 659-5212
  • Address: California, Palm Springs, Idyllwild 54750 N Circle Dr, CA 92549
  • Regular hours: Tue – Thu: 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Fri – Sat: 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm, Sun: 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Email:

Your nearest destination for fresh vegetarian delights in Palm Springs

Cafe Aroma is a unique vegetarian restaurant located in the city of Palm Springs. The restaurant is housed in a small cabin that was magically transformed into a fully functioning restaurant. The cabin’s transformation into a restaurant is shrouded in mystery, but it is believed to be the result of sorcery or sheer willpower. Cafe Aroma’s unusual setting is part of what makes it special, odd, and wonderful. The restaurant’s magic is felt throughout the place, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all who visit.
Cafe Aroma offers a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes that are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant’s menu features a range of options, including salads, sandwiches, soups, and entrees. All of the dishes are expertly prepared by the restaurant’s skilled chefs, who take pride in creating healthy, flavorful meals that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.
In addition to its delicious food, Cafe Aroma also offers a range of services and products. The restaurant has a full-service bar that serves a variety of wines, beers, and cocktails. It also has a retail section that sells a range of vegetarian and vegan products, including cookbooks, health supplements, and organic produce.
Cafe Aroma is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a unique and delicious vegetarian dining experience. Whether you’re a lifelong vegetarian or just looking to try something new, Cafe Aroma has something for everyone. So gather your friends and come experience the magic of this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

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Cafe Aroma is a charming vegetarian restaurant located in the heart of Idyllwild, just a short drive from Palm Springs, California. This vegan restaurant is a popular destination for those searching for delicious and healthy food options, with a menu that features an array of flavorful and innovative dishes. Whether you’re a vegan or simply looking for veg restaurants near me, Cafe Aroma has something for everyone. From savory soups and salads to hearty entrees and desserts, this vegan food near me hotspot is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. The cozy and inviting atmosphere of Cafe Aroma makes it the perfect spot for a casual lunch or a romantic dinner, and the friendly staff is always happy to help you navigate the menu and find the perfect dish to suit your taste. So if you’re looking for a vegan restaurant that offers delicious food, great service, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, be sure to check out Cafe Aroma in Idyllwild.

Why you should visit a vegetarian restaurant Cafe Aroma

1. Healthy and Nutritious Food: Cafe Aroma serves a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes that are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

2. Fresh and Locally Sourced Ingredients: The restaurant sources its ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, ensuring that the food is fresh and of high quality.

3. Unique and Creative Menu: Cafe Aroma’s menu features a variety of unique and creative dishes that are not commonly found in other restaurants.

4. Cozy and Inviting Atmosphere: The restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere, with comfortable seating and a friendly staff.

5. Great for Special Occasions: Cafe Aroma is a great place to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones.

6. Catering Services: The restaurant offers catering services for events and parties, providing delicious vegetarian and vegan food for guests.

7. Live Music: Cafe Aroma features live music performances by local artists, creating a lively and entertaining atmosphere for diners.

8. Outdoor Seating: The restaurant has a beautiful outdoor seating area, perfect for enjoying a meal in the fresh air and sunshine.

9. Accommodates Dietary Restrictions: Cafe Aroma accommodates various dietary restrictions and preferences, including gluten-free and dairy-free options.

10. Convenient Location: Cafe Aroma is located in the heart of Palm Springs, making it easily accessible for locals and tourists alike.

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