Nothing But Noodles is a vegetarian restaurant located in Huntsville, Alabama. The restaurant is situated at 4800 Whitesburg Drive and is easily accessible to residents and visitors of the city. The restaurant’s phone number for contact is (256) 382-2999, and it operates seven days a week from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm.
Nothing But Noodles is a haven for vegetarians and those who prefer plant-based meals. The restaurant’s menu is filled with a variety of vegetarian dishes, including pasta, stir-fry, salads, and soups. The dishes are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and are prepared with care to ensure that the flavors are rich and satisfying.
The restaurant has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for families, friends, and colleagues. The decor is modern and chic, with comfortable seating and ample lighting. The restaurant’s staff members are friendly and attentive, and they are always ready to assist customers with their orders and inquiries.
Nothing But Noodles accepts all major credit cards, including Amex, Discover, Master Card, and Visa. Customers can pay for their meals using their preferred payment method, making the dining experience hassle-free.
Overall, Nothing But Noodles is a fantastic vegetarian restaurant that offers delicious, healthy meals in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Whether you’re a vegetarian or just looking for a healthy meal, Nothing But Noodles is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings.

Contact information:

  • Phone: (256) 382-2999
  • Address: Alabama, Huntsville, Huntsville 4800 Whitesburg Dr, AL 35806
  • Regular hours: Mon – Sun: 10:30 am – 9:00 pm
  • Email: [email protected]

Your nearest destination for fresh vegetarian delights in Huntsville

Nothing But Noodles is a vegetarian restaurant located in the bustling city of Huntsville. It is an eatery that specializes in made-to-order global noodles. This counter-serve chain offers a wide range of Italian, American, and Asian noodle dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. In addition to their delicious food, they also serve beer and wine to complement your meal.
At Nothing But Noodles, you can view all of their latest menus, address, up-to-date hours, social media profiles, and happy hour specials all in one place. This makes it easy for you to plan your visit and stay up-to-date with their offerings.
The restaurant is located at 4800 Whitesburg Dr, Huntsville, AL, 35806, making it easily accessible to locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty Italian pasta dish, a spicy Asian noodle bowl, or a classic American mac and cheese, Nothing But Noodles has got you covered.
Their services and products include made-to-order noodles, beer, and wine. They cater to vegetarians and offer a wide range of vegetarian options on their menu. Nothing But Noodles is the perfect place to satisfy your noodle cravings in Huntsville.

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Nothing But Noodles is a top-notch vegetarian restaurant located at 4800 Whitesburg Dr in Huntsville, Alabama. If you’re searching for vegan food near me or veg restaurants near me, this is the perfect spot for you. The restaurant has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. Their menu is entirely plant-based, making it a vegan restaurant that caters to all your dietary needs. They offer a wide range of delicious dishes, including noodle bowls, salads, and sandwiches, all prepared with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Nothing But Noodles is committed to providing healthy and tasty meals that will leave you feeling satisfied and energized. So, if you’re looking for a vegan restaurant that serves up mouth-watering dishes, be sure to stop by Nothing But Noodles in Huntsville, Alabama.

Why you should visit a vegetarian restaurant Nothing But Noodles

1. Wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options
2. Fresh, high-quality ingredients
3. Health-conscious menu options
4. Unique and flavorful dishes
5. Comfortable and inviting atmosphere
6. Great for families and groups
7. Convenient location in Huntsville
8. Affordable prices
9. Friendly and attentive staff
10. Ability to customize dishes to personal preferences or dietary restrictions.

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