Number Nine is a popular vegetarian restaurant located in the bustling city of Long Beach, California. Situated at the address 2118 E 4th St, CA 90814, this restaurant offers a wide range of delicious vegetarian dishes that are sure to satisfy any palate. The restaurant is open from Monday to Thursday, from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm, and on Friday and Saturday, from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. On Sundays, the restaurant is open from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm.
Number Nine offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with a modern and stylish decor that is sure to impress. The restaurant is perfect for a casual lunch or dinner with friends and family, or for a romantic night out with that special someone. The restaurant is also great for vegetarians and vegans, as it offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes that are both healthy and delicious.
Some of the most popular dishes at Number Nine include the vegan pho, the vegan banh mi, and the vegan ramen. The restaurant also offers a range of salads, appetizers, and sides, as well as a selection of vegan desserts.
If you’re looking for a great vegetarian restaurant in Long Beach, California, then Number Nine is definitely worth checking out. You can contact the restaurant at (562) 434-2009, and they accept payment methods such as Mastercard and Visa.

Contact information:

  • Phone: (562) 434-2009
  • Address: California, Long Beach, Long Beach 2118 E 4th St, CA 90814
  • Regular hours: Mon – Thu: 11:00 am – 9:30 pm, Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm, Sun: 11:00 am – 9:30 pm
  • Email:

Your nearest destination for fresh vegetarian delights in Long Beach

Number Nine is a charming vegetarian restaurant located in the heart of Long Beach. As one of the best vegan restaurants in the area, it offers a wide variety of delicious and healthy dishes that cater to all dietary needs. The restaurant provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a meal with friends and family. Number Nine is also known for its excellent takeout services, making it easy to enjoy their tasty meals on the go. Their menu is divided into categories such as appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts, providing a diverse range of options for everyone. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or simply looking for a healthy meal, Number Nine is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. With its exceptional services and products, it’s no wonder why this restaurant is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. So come on in and indulge in some of the best vegetarian cuisine in Long Beach!

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Number Nine is a top-rated vegetarian restaurant located in Long Beach, California. If you’re searching for vegan food near me, this is the perfect spot for you. The restaurant is situated at 2118 E 4th St, CA 90814, making it one of the best veg restaurants near me. The restaurant’s menu features a wide range of delicious vegan options that are sure to satisfy your cravings. The restaurant is known for its exceptional customer service and cozy atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner or a family gathering. Whether you’re a vegan or just looking to try something new, the vegan restaurant has something for everyone. So, if you’re in Long Beach, California, and searching for a top-notch vegetarian restaurant, Number Nine is the place to be.

Why you should visit a vegetarian restaurant Number Nine

1. Healthy and Nutritious Food: Vegetarian restaurants like Number Nine offer healthy and nutritious food options that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

2. Wide Range of Menu Options: Number Nine has a diverse menu that caters to different dietary preferences, including vegan, gluten-free, and raw food options.

3. Eco-Friendly Practices: Vegetarian restaurants like Number Nine often use eco-friendly practices such as using locally sourced ingredients and reducing food waste.

4. Ethical and Sustainable Food Choices: By choosing to eat at a vegetarian restaurant, you are supporting ethical and sustainable food choices that promote animal welfare and reduce environmental impact.

5. Unique Dining Experience: Number Nine offers a unique dining experience that is different from traditional meat-based restaurants, allowing you to explore new flavors and tastes.

6. Friendly and Welcoming Atmosphere: Vegetarian restaurants often have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that promotes a sense of community and inclusivity.

7. Affordable Prices: Vegetarian restaurants like Number Nine often offer affordable prices, making it accessible to a wider range of people.

8. Health Benefits: Eating a plant-based diet has been linked to numerous health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

9. Supporting Local Businesses: By choosing to eat at a vegetarian restaurant like Number Nine, you are supporting local businesses and contributing to the local economy.

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