Sea Casa A Mexican Grill is a vibrant and welcoming vegetarian restaurant located in the heart of Westlake Village, at 1014 S Westlake Blvd, Oxnard, California. With a focus on fresh ingredients and authentic Mexican flavors, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The menu features a variety of vegetarian options, including tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and salads, all made with fresh vegetables and flavorful spices. The restaurant also offers a range of vegan and gluten-free options to cater to all dietary needs.
The ambiance of Sea Casa A Mexican Grill is warm and inviting, with colorful decor and comfortable seating. The restaurant is open seven days a week, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, making it a convenient option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and always happy to help customers choose from the extensive menu.
Sea Casa A Mexican Grill accepts a variety of payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and mobile payments. Whether you are a vegetarian or simply looking for a delicious and healthy meal, Sea Casa A Mexican Grill is the perfect destination for anyone who loves Mexican cuisine.

Contact information:

  • Phone: (805) 374-1921
  • Address: California, Oxnard, Westlake Village 1014 S Westlake Blvd, CA 91361
  • Regular hours: Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Email: [email protected]

Your nearest destination for fresh vegetarian delights in Oxnard

Sea Casa A Mexican Grill is a vegetarian restaurant located in the city of Oxnard. This cozy and inviting eatery offers a unique blend of Mexican cuisine with a vegetarian twist. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a friendly staff that is always ready to serve their customers.
The menu at Sea Casa A Mexican Grill is filled with delicious vegetarian options that are sure to satisfy any palate. Some of their popular dishes include the vegetarian fajitas, the veggie burrito, and the tofu tacos. They also offer a variety of fresh salads, soups, and sides that are all made with the freshest ingredients.
Sea Casa A Mexican Grill is a great place to enjoy a meal with family and friends. They offer a variety of services and products such as takeout, delivery, and catering. They also have a full bar with a variety of refreshing drinks and cocktails.
If you’re looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Oxnard, Sea Casa A Mexican Grill is the perfect choice. They offer a unique dining experience with a variety of delicious vegetarian options that are sure to please. This restaurant is perfect for anyone who loves Mexican cuisine and wants to enjoy it in a vegetarian way.
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Sea Casa A Mexican Grill is a must-visit vegetarian restaurant for anyone looking for delicious vegan food near me in Oxnard, California. Located at the address Westlake Village 1014 S Westlake Blvd, this vegan restaurant is one of the best veg restaurants near me. The restaurant offers a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From vegan tacos to vegetarian burritos, the menu is filled with mouthwatering options. The restaurant is known for its fresh, healthy, and flavorful cuisine that is perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike. The ambiance of the restaurant is warm and inviting, making it a great place to relax and enjoy a meal with friends and family. So, if you are in search of a great vegan restaurant in Oxnard, look no further than Sea Casa A Mexican Grill.

Why you should visit a vegetarian restaurant Sea Casa A Mexican Grill

1. The restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian options that are healthy and delicious.
2. The menu features traditional Mexican dishes that have been adapted to suit vegetarian diets.
3. The restaurant uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients to ensure the highest quality of food.
4. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with a vibrant decor that reflects the Mexican culture.
5. The staff are knowledgeable about vegetarianism and can provide recommendations and advice.
6. The restaurant is conveniently located in Westlake Village, making it easily accessible to visitors.
7. The prices are affordable, making it a great option for budget-conscious diners.
8. The restaurant offers a range of drinks, including margaritas and other Mexican-inspired cocktails.
9. The restaurant has outdoor seating, providing a pleasant dining experience in good weather.
10. The restaurant is committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact, which is a plus for eco-conscious diners.

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